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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Craft Corner

Oh, my beloved crafts.

As many of you might agree, crafts are fun to do but can get so messy. Aside from them being messy, I never know what I have and what I don't. My room is always messy due to projects and I am just tired of it. I can't be productive that way.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make what I like to call my Craft Corner.

First, I needed to find a space that I could completely take over with my things. Finding a spot was a little bit of a challenge considering I still live with my parents and most of their stuff is everywhere, leaving me confined to my room. 
I did not let this stop me. 
My family barely uses our basement other than for laundry so I saw an opportunity. Of course, my mom wasn't thrilled about me moving all of her stuff somewhere else (she was mainly afraid I would throw away her shoes she hasn't worn in who-knows-how-long)

I found my corner I was going to take over and started cleaning it. I didn't get a picture of how messy it was when I started, but this is from just after I removed all the clutter to see what space I was working with.

 Not bad.

I thought about removing the shelves, but I figured they may be of more use to me than it would be to remove them. Matthew, Anthony, and I took a trip to Big Lots and picked up this cute area rug on sale, along with 2 little cute baskets I figured couldn't go to waste with a project like this.
After cleaning cob webs and vacuuming my new space it was time to head over to AC Moore and maybe Walmart to choose fabric to cover these dorm-like cement walls. 
Anthony is such a big help!
I held up the fabric using blue sticky tack, it worked pretty well but definitely need to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays and occasionally press back up (if anyone has any better suggestions on how I can keep this up, please let me know!)

Clearly, I didn't measure before I took my trip to Walmart. 
Luckily, I got a few different patterns in a few different lengths just to be safe! (you can never have too much fabric& it will never go to waste!)
Browsing around AC Moore is my favorite, so much inspiration everywhere. Matthew has to literally drag me out of there sometimes or I will debate on which project to start next, before even finishing my last.
We have fun though. When we shop it is never boring, like this trip to AC Moore for instance, where he called floor is lava leaving me to find a safe place to stand.
(yes, that is Mema with us telling me to get down!😂)

Next, I started to bring down all my arts and crafts supplies and began organizing it all based on what it can be used for.

Then I added in a table to work on.

Half way there!
I need a table cloth, to cover the other wall, and bring down the rest of my things.


And now..... we PAINT!
I thought it would be a totally cool idea to paint the front of the shelves, and the top of the shelves a chalkboard type paint. 
SN: DO NOT use spray paint indoors!

And then last but not least, I added a small garbage can, brought the final bit of my things down, got a fancy chair, mounted everything down, and added some fairy lights for my final touches.

Now, finally, I have a space to work, be creative, get inspired, and be organized. An arts and crafts space that is all mine! I'm thrilled!!

What do you think of my Craft Corner? 
Anything I'm missing? 
Suggestions on organization? 
Something I could have done better?
Let us know!

Until next time my loves,

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